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Great idea. I'll sign up for taking on one at a time
Sure: I'll take on one veteran.
Free treatment? I work hard enough as it is. No thank you.

<W.Jack Golden,PhD>
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I would be happy to work with the veterans for free. I have been doing NFB since 1996,was trained by Peniston and the Othmers. I am also a veteran of Korea and Vietnam.
W.Jack Golden, PhD Florida Licensed Psychologist golden263@aol.com
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Great win win marketing /public service idea from every standpoint-the best.I am not of course a clinician but would help as a technician if there is a supervising clinician.
Bill Oster
<Harry Steinmeyer>
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I am one of the old Viet Nam guys myself and still remember. Count me in. Small price for what they have done for us.
<Richard Soutar>
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A fantastic idea. We have already worked with a couple Veitnam Vets for free and like to see this attitude. These people make great sacrifices with litle real post war support.
<Andy Hogan>
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I have a friend who works in behavioral health at the VA in Marion, IL. He tells me the first of the Iraqi War PTSD folks are trickling in. He has worked extensively with Vietnam vets. He views this situation as somewhat unique in that women are presenting for services consequent to their combat experiences. Two factors, the long term exposure to threat from being in an occupying army and that the enemy doesn't wear uniforms, are creating havoc with this group. We will still be dealing with it in fifty years.
<Angelika Sadar>
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Sign us up. We are withing driving distance of Willow Grove AFB.
<Ed Langham, ACSW>
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We have a VA Medical Center in Saginaw and our Medical Director is also a shrink there. I will inform him about this.
<Chery Kleefeld, Ph.D.>
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I have already seen one soldier, who came prepared to pay. I only saw him briefly, as he was home on leave, and had to return. I wrote a letter to his commanding officier to allow him to see the psychologist who was attached to his unit, and recommended neurofeedback. When I told him he did not have to pay me, as he was serving our country, he was almost in tears. Aside from the stress and traumatic experiences they are having, they are aware that the world in general does not approve, and that they are being judged. This simple act of not asking him to pay was perhaps the most therapeutic thing that I did. Most of these people did not expect to go to war, or this kind of a war, when they enlisted. Whatever our political views, or our positions about the war, we might offer our assistance. One suggestion: If many of us do become involved, perhpaps we might network in a structured manner to develop protocols for neurofeedback with and/or without psychotherapy that might be effective for this type of traumatic experience. Along with neurofeedback, we also need to listen.
<Ann Lee>
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Great idea. Count me in in Maryland.

Ann Lee
<Andrea Sime>
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I've been considering doing this. Will put it into action.
Newsletter Contributor
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I just got this generous donation from Mind Alive, please contact them directly, or contact me if you would like one of the 10 AVEs, see below:

Saw the article in your newsletter discussing offering free neurofeedback for veterans. We would like to offer 10 free PALs to these clinicians who are willing to work with the veterans. This would allow veterans to take units home for use between neurofeedback sessions or maybe even for those located outside areas where neurofeedback is available. Let me know how we could administer this...Would you want to let clinicians know these are available and they can contact us directly, do you want me to send units to you to distribute to those who are interested/trained in using AVE with neurofeedback? What do you think? By the way, great idea and I was glad to see so many responding positively!

Let me know how we can help.


Nancy Siever

Mind Alive Inc.
9008 - 51 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 5X4
phone: 1-800-661MIND (6463) or (780)450-3729
email: distributors@mindalive.com
website: www.mindalive.com

Kurt Othmer
818-456-5965 x231
<Janis Norton, LCSW>
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I am happy to be part of this. I am at jnorton@rica.net. in Harrisonburg, Va and can be reached at 540-435-1315. Keep me posted!
<Meg Paras>
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Be happy to help.

Meg Paras
Peak Performance Center
Florida, N.Y(Town of Warwick, Orange county)
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What a great way to give back! I would be happy to work with returning veterans at no charge.

Susan Ford, BCIAC-EEG #1414
EEG Centre For Neurofeedback
2512 Lynn Road, Suite One
Tryon, NC 28782
828 859-1220
For further info on neurofeedback: eeginfo.com
<Emmanuel Renauld-Dehlinger>
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If any Veteran with PTSD happens to be staying in France for a while (why not? Smile), I'll be happy to help too.

Emmanuel Renauld-Dehlinger
Association pour la Diffusion du Neurofeedback en France (www.adnf.org).
<Ellen Thompson>
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Would love to help. I leave in Annapolis and would welcome advise on how to introduce Neurofeedback at the Naval Academy and Navy Base here.

Ellen Thompson
<Victoria Wasserman CRNA APRN>
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Count me in. I'd be happy to help. As a newcomer to the field of neurofeedback, I am sure that those with more experience will be happy to help if needed.

Victoria Wasserman
<Nancy Courtney>
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Thank you for the opportunity to serve our Vets.
Count me in. Nancy Courtney M.A.
EEG Biofeedback Center, Rutland, VT
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